Missing Your Elf? We’ve Got You Covered!

Santa is so glad to have his Scout Elves back at the North Pole safe and sound, but we know that your family is wishing your special seasonal visitor could have stayed a little longer. Although Scout Elves love the North Pole, they’re missing your family just as much as you miss them! That’s why they came up with a list of tips to help your little ones shake the elf-goodbye blues and keep Christmas spirit alive throughout the year! Read More

7 Printable Crafts for your Scout Elf

Many Scout Elves are saying goodbye to elaborate props and opting for colorful printable crafts to create spectacular scenes in their families’ homes. In no time at all, your scout elf can start rolling out exciting new surprises, too, with these easy printable crafts. All your scout elf will need is your help gathering a few key items! Read More

Bonfire Night Word Search

The Scout Elves look forward to this night of sparkling fun each year! To help your little ones learn about the story of Bonfire Night, download our word search & help them find the themed words! Read More

8 Affordable & Easy Kids Goody Bag Ideas

As orchestrators for the biggest party of the year: Christmas, the Scout Elves know a thing or two about throwing a great bash! To cap off any celebration, the Scout Elves love giving away goody bags packed with fun things for their guests to take away. If you're looking for ideas for easy and affordable goody bags to pass out at your next party, then look no further, friend! Read More

Easy Elf Ideas with Household Items

For inspiration to create innovative ideas, your Scout Elf needs to look no further than the items you already have in your home! With their active imaginations and enterprising spirit, the Scout Elves know just how to put everyday items to use when creating fun ideas. Read More

Family Story Time Activities

There are a large number of Scout Elves who love telling stories. They tell stories so often, they even came up with a super fun North Pole way to create terrific tales—and now they want to share it with YOU! Read More

Free Printable Letter from Santa

Santa receives so many letters each year—more than 500 million to be exact—and he loves reading every single one! Responding to each letter that makes its way to his mail room grotto is a big task—even for Santa! So this year, Santa created a special letter just for you! Read More