When Will My Scout Elf Return?

At Christmas, there’s one question every child is asking - when does the Elf on the Shelf® come back? Are they coming today? Our guess is, you’re no stranger to curious questions from your little ones about their favourite Christmas visitor as the Christmas season draws near. Not to worry—we’ve got the answers you’ve been looking for!

When Will my Scout Elf Return?

When does your Elf on the Shelf® come back? Most Scout Elves return to their families every year during Scout Elf Return Week - a week-long window at the end of November, leading into December. This year’s Scout Elf Return Week will take place November 24th - December 1st. At the end of November, the first group of Santa’s Scout Elves departs the North Pole to make their way to homes around the world for #ScoutElfReturnWeek! This weeklong celebration is when most families welcome back their elves, or adopt a new North Pole helper.

Does your Elf on the Shelf® come back every year?

Most Scout Elves return to their families around the same time every year, during Scout Elf Return Week - a week-long window at the end of November, leading into December.However, just because Scout Elf Return Week exists, doesn’t mean your elf will definitely return like clockwork! All Scout Elves are different, so the date they come back can vary -some return at the end of November and others may wait until the second week of December. So don’t worry if they haven’t arrived exactly when you expected them to!

What if my Elf on the Shelf® is running late?

A number of things can affect a Scout Elf’s holiday homecoming, so here are some ways you can explain to your children the most common reasons your elf may come back later than your little one might expect them to.

  1. Their training was extended. Scout Elves undergo extensive training to prepare for Scout Elf Return Week and sometimes they may need a little extra time to study their flight route or perfect their skills using a Peppermint Grappling Hook. Your elf will be back soon—and more prepared for the holidays than ever before!

    When Will my Scout Elf Return?

  2. Your elf ate too many treats from Mrs. Claus' Sweet Shop™. It can happen to the best elf (or human!) when so many tantalising treats are floating around during the holidays! Your Scout Elf may need an extra day or two to digest his or her holiday treats and get back into tip-top flying shape before returning.

    When Will my Scout Elf Return?

  3. A snowstorm held them up. It’s not easy to drive in the snow—much less fly! Your Scout Elf may have wanted to leave the North Pole sooner, but frightful winter weather can sometimes delay him or her by a couple of days.

    When Will my Scout Elf Return?

  4. Your elf made a few pit stops.As your Scout Elf travels the globe, he or she may take time sightseeing on the way back to you. Be patient, your elf will be there before you know it!

    When Will my Scout Elf Return?

  5. Some North Pole duties needed attention. Everyone knows the Scout Elves help Santa get ready for Christmas, and before your elf can take off for your home, he or she has to make sure to complete all of his or her holiday-related tasks! Just a few more letters to Santa to file, and then your elf will be on the way!

    When Will my Scout Elf Return?

Can’t wait for #ScoutElfReturnWeek for your Scout Elf to return? Why not try these ideas for getting your Elf on the Shelf® to come back early? Have your child write a note, host a celebration, make fake snow, create a welcome zone, or put Mrs. Claus’ Sweet Treats out for Santa!

No matter when your Scout Elf returns to your home, we’re sure their timing fits in perfectly with your family’s holiday schedule and Christmas traditions. We know they just can’t wait to see you and your family again soon—only a few more days of waiting!

Don’t forget to share your Scout Elf’s return with us by using #ScoutElfReturnWeek on social media! We can’t wait to see the creative ways in which your elf makes his or her big entrance.